Using this thread

Pretty pictures, your own preferred, of anything but cars!

Using this thread

Postby admin » Sun Jan 09, 2011 12:07 am

The purpose of this thread is to show off our photographs that we think are interesting or artistic or both. They may be of non-automotive vehicles, from trucks and trains to tanks to yachts to aircraft, civil or military. Or if you got a great shot of the flowers in your garden, scenery you encountered on your vacation, the local wildlife or interesting weather, that's great too. If you figure others might like to see it, post it.

A few hints: please post in the jpeg format in a reasonable size, such as 640 x 480. Free picture editors such as Irfanview, Fast Stone Viewer, XnView, GIMP work well - just Google them. Paint is built in to Windows, but Microsoft Downloads offer a lot of neat free stuff too. But if you live and die by Photoshop, that's fine too.

Just keep it clean and decent - we don't want the Mounties at the door. Each topic allows up to 30 posts of reasonable size, which can be put up as attachments or inline. Show us your best work!
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