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It may not be evident to readers, but this blog is a continuation. It has its roots, on one side, with a series of hobbyist continuations of the Autoweek bulletin board Combustin Chanmber and is last in that series. It is also, on the other side, a continuation of my lifelong interest in motor racing that started when, as a teenager, I discovered modified stock cars racing at Oakwood Stadium in (then) midtown Toronto in about 1948.

This led me to automotice race reporting as a part-time hobby. For a while I edited, and mostly wrote, the internal magazine of the British Empire Motor Club. I managed to talk the Toronto Star (even then the largest newspaper in Canada) into running advance stories about the BEMC races on the old airport track at Harewood (don't sneer, that's where I met Roger Penske, among others) and later take me on as a stringer doing race reports. This led to stints doing a regional column for Road & Track, then a move to Autoweek in the Bill Finefrock days. And yes, I reported the Mosport project from inception to the joyous day I watched Canada's first Formula 1 race from its control tower press box.

In later years marriage, parenthood, growing professional obligations, and other challenges meant I had to drop my writing sideline to cope with the rest of my life, but I never lost interest in racing. So deep into retirement I started this blog, now in its seventh year.

I hope to continue it as long as I am able, but I am under thirty months shy of completing my 90th year, and the wear is beginning to show. I am having severe physical difficulties with the mecchanics of typing which the neurologists may or may not be able to cure. And at my age many more more dire lie in wait.

Still, since the local journals continue to be woefully defcient in their coverage of motor racing, I will try (with the able assistance of Bryce Turner) to see you have a timely account of major professional racing series to keep you up to date on evvents and standings so longas my physical ability lasts. I will not abandon youwillingly, and Bryce has some ideas too.
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