Nuts and bolts - and now loose screws?

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Nuts and bolts - and now loose screws?

Postby meteorite » Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:49 pm

This board is in effect a personal blog for myself and those who want to talk back. While the primary focus is on the automotive scene, its contents will be defined by what's attracted my attention at the moment - or yours. As an example, Bryce Turner has committed to honing his journalistic skills by keeping us informed of events in the NASCAR scene.

I would like to have a post about something every day, but the writing takes time. And at the moment I have health problems - this month a biopsy (bone marrow procedure) to see if a certain ambiguous symptom means I have multiple myeloma (very serious) or just anemia (as usual). I also have to have a cataract removed from my left eye, which means I will have to postpone various necessary errands until my eye heals from the surgery enough to let me resume driving, reading, writing and other vision-related activities. And of course I'm subject to the limitations generally found in octogenarians - we all slow down and break more frequently. These things all take time.

Another major problem is spambots - programs that search the internet and invade any site that allows public postings. Some just paste up spam indiscriminately, others are triggered by any of a list of keywords to post a bogus comment plugging some particular product. We have been attacked by well over 150 in a single day, and each one has to be individually identified and removed. This is what is behind all those boards you are encountering that demand you pass a test - called a CAPTCHA, an acronym for "Completely Automated (Turing) Test (to tell) Computers (and) Humans Apart - before they let you register to post. The problem is, the bots have now found a way to bypass the CAPTCHA, or at least the graphics based ones. There is a totally different approach to CAPTCHA development under way that will be even a much bigger pain to all legitimate users, but you will be required to put up with it because having all your favourite websites shut down on account of spam flooding is the option. Sorry about that, but as a human I do have to sleep occasionally, even if the board gets neglected as a result.

As mentioned elsewhere, I have bought a new computer with an "upgraded" operating system.(Well, Microsoft calls it that, while I'm with the guys whose T-shirts read "Windows is a virus".) Configuring it to suit my personal quirks and idosyncrasies, transfer the wanted data from the predecessor computer, and getting new updated versions of my favourite software to work with the new OS continues to eat hours of my time.

So if you come by and what you came for isn't posted yet, or a response seems unduly delayed, please be patient. I'm pedalling as fast as I can but they're making the hills steeper these days and the wind in my face is blowing stronger, so sometime I just have to rest. But I'll get there.
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