Update: Michael Schumacher in Critical Condition

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Update: Michael Schumacher in Critical Condition

Postby Bryce Turner » Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:01 pm

Seven-time F1 Champion Michael Schumacher is in critical condition following a skiing accident in France. Schumacher was skiing with his son on December 29th when the incident occurred. He was flown out to a hospital in Moutiers and later to a facility in Grenoble. Schumacher remains in critical condition, under an artificial coma. He was operated on when he arrived at the hospital to relieve pressure on his head.

Update: Schumacher's condition is stable, but still critical as of Tuesday. The former F1 Champion is still in an artificial coma. Check back for updates on this developing story.
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Re: Update: Michael Schumacher in Critical Condition

Postby meteorite » Sun Jan 26, 2014 5:58 pm

It is now close to a month since Michael's accident, and the latest work is that he is still in an induced coma and there has been another operation to reduce pressure on his brain. The doctors are still offering no prognosis.

It's been my observation that in cases such as this - legitimately, I think, described as freak accidents - the injuries are so complex, and the brain itself is so complex, that it's all but impossible to figure out what is happening and therefore what the future is likely to hold. Certainly he will be getting the best care money can buy - it's rumoured his will must cover the distribution of a billion dollars in assets, divided equally among his wife and children - but money can't buy miracles and if that is what is needed, only time will tell. Fortunately Schumacher was wearing a helmet camera so there should be some evidence available to the doctors as to the precise placement of the impact and its exact nature.

My purely personal opinion is the contrarian one that Michael is not the greatest racing driver who ever lived - I think the genius of Nuvolari.Fangio and Senna ranks them higher, and some like Andretti and Foyt were more versatile - but in terms of sheer technical ability and concentration in the broadest sense he remains without peer. It is incredibly ironic that after surviving the challenges and hazards of a high-risk racing career - and more than enough off-track daredevil stunts that whitened the faces of his backers - he was struck down on a simple ski outing with his son that involved no risks that an experienced skier does not take routinely almost every time he straps on his skis. But such is life,

With all of the racing world we wish him well and ope for his strong survival and recovery.
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