New broadcaster in the U.S.

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New broadcaster in the U.S.

Postby meteorite » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:03 pm

According to information from AP and Autoweek, Speed Channel will no longer be the U.S. broadcaster for Formula One racing after this season - though they have, revealingly, extended their contract with NASCAR to 2020. For at least the next four years, they have been outbid by the NBC Sports Group. Currently announced plans are for NBC Sports to broadcast the Canadian Grand Prix and four final races of the season live to air, with the rest, all qualifying and miscellaneous material going on the cable-only NBC Sports Network. There is also the likelihood that the races themselves and maybe more will be live-streamed online on the NBC Sports website.

So far there has been no announcement as to what TSN will be doing - I don't recall if their existing contract continues into next season or not. In any case TSN is part of the basic cable package in Canada, though when the coverage is shifted to TSN2 (as was the case earlier this year for a golf game or something equally stupid) that is a premium price channel requiring an extra cost subscription. In that case with luck the NBC website could provide a welcome alternative.
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