Dario Franchitti Retiring from Racing

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Dario Franchitti Retiring from Racing

Postby Bryce Turner » Fri Nov 15, 2013 7:44 pm

By: Bryce Turner

Dario Franchitti announced yesterday that he will retire from racing following his wreck at Houston in Indycar last month. Franchitti suffered serious injuries during the wreck in which his car tore through a fence lining the track. In a statement Franchitti said "Since my racing accident in Houston, I have been in the expert care of some of the leading doctors and nurses, all of whom have made my health, my safety and my recovery their top priority... it is their best medical opinion that I must stop racing. They have made it very clear that the risks involved in further racing are too great and could be detrimental to my long term well-being. Based on this medical advice, I have no choice but to stop." Dario will retire with 31 Indycar wins including three Indy 500 victories; he has also won four series Championships.
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