Democracy or pacifier?

General information on all aspects of what Indycar wants to do in 2013.

Democracy or pacifier?

Postby meteorite » Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:13 pm

With Indycar's chequered history, one never really knows just what an administrative change is about. Have the Grand Poobahs actually decided they had better listen to the lower orders while they still have a series left, or is this the fruit of some behind-the-scenes maneuvering, window dressing to divert attention from a major power struggle? Only time will tell.


INDIANAPOLIS (Tuesday, March 12, 2013) - INDYCAR announced today the formation of an advisory Competition Committee, creating a formalized communication platform with various industry stakeholders on competition- and technical-related matters.

The committee will consist of a minimum of seven members that will meet regularly throughout the year to evaluate competition-related matters, including rules, technical specifications and safety initiatives. The committee will make recommendations to the sanctioning body, with final decisions made by INDYCAR management.

"We believe it's important to create a forum for drivers, team owners and manufacturers to have organized and structured input to the series as we look to make important decisions that directly impact on-track competition," said Jeff Belskus, CEO, INDYCAR. "The creation of this committee builds a formalized process to vet proposed initiatives with safety and competition always top-of- mind. Once we receive a recommendation from the Competition Committee, the series will evaluate it from a commercial and business standpoint in order to make a final decision."

For the 2013 racing season, the INDYCAR Competition Committee will consist of:

· Two (2) INDYCAR management representatives appointed by the INDYCAR CEO. One will be designated the committee chairman.

· Two (2) active IZOD IndyCar Series team representatives appointed by the team member group.

· Two (2) active IZOD IndyCar Series driver representatives appointed by the drivers group.

· Four (4) active IZOD IndyCar Series manufacturer members, one representing each engine, tire and chassis manufacturer. Each manufacturer will appoint its designated representative.

· One (1) at-large member appointed by the INDYCAR CEO.

Additionally, the committee chairman can invite other key stakeholders such as promoters, racetrack officials and broadcast partners to attend the meetings to provide insight and input on initiatives.

INDYCAR will determine the initiatives sent to the committee for review. To make recommendations to the sanctioning body, each committee member will have one vote. Once a majority vote is achieved, the committee chairman will submit the recommendation to the INDYCAR CEO for review. The INDYCAR CEO will then notify the committee of the sanctioning body's final decision.
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