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Silly season starts

Postby meteorite » Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:45 pm

It has now been announced that Mercedes will not renew Michael Schumacher's driving contract after the end of this year; Michael has not yet announced - or maybe figured out - what he is going to do next. If he wants to continue racing he is more than wealthy enough to buy a team or create his own new one, or buy a seat with an existing team. There are even likely folks who would still like to sponsor the seven times world champion. He could also race in a different series.

Schumacher will be replaced by Lewis Hamilton, a move that has been rumoured for months. Unless there is some other development, he will be paired with Nico Rosberg, which if Mercedes can finally find that last little demon tweak they need will create a most formidable equipe indeed.

There are rumours that McLaren's first choice to replace Hamilton might well be Sergio Perez, who might even bring Tel-Mex sponsorship with him to replace Vodaphone who reportedly are not a sure bet to continue. The problem is that Perez is a product of Ferrari's long-term driver development program - but Ferrari observers believe Perez is too young and insufficiently mature as a driver to be a satisfactory replacement for Massa at the moment.

So the first domino has dropped and the rumours are flying thick and fast about the rest; the silly season is now, it appears, officially under way. The changes that come and the reasons behind them could prove fascinating indeed.

Meanwhile the tracks the drivers race on could change. Thailand is reportedly opening discussions about establishing a new racecourse through the streets of Bangkok for another night race. The New Jersey race is listed for next year but as "not yet confirmed", which usually means the argument about money continues. And Russia has long spoken of its desire for a race; the course is now suggested for construction at Sochi, location of the next Winter Olympics.

Formula One never stands still. One wonders what's coming next.

Oct.4, 2012 - It has now been confirmed that Hamilton will be replaced at McLaren by Sergio Perez. The length of the contract has not yet been announced and Ferrari's intentions are still unstated. Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher has announced that he will not be seeking another ride, and that this time his retirement is "likely" for good. Politicians continue to advise that one never say never. But after the second rear-ender in Singapore, maybe it is time.
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