Future of Motorsports TV in Canada: Bell Dropping SPEED?

Future of Motorsports TV in Canada: Bell Dropping SPEED?

Postby Bryce Turner » Wed Apr 02, 2014 12:32 pm

By: Bryce Turner

There are many Canadians who love auto racing. There is a reason why there are many local race tracks in Canada, why the Truck Series race at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park was a success. There is a reason why Canadian Motor Speedway is under construction, and why there’s the Canadian Motorsports Expo each year. Yet, motorsports TV in Canada continues to be shown the door. Rogers was the first to drop SPEED Channel on March 1st. Now, unconfirmed online reports state that Bell will drop the channel on May 1st. Bell customers commenting online wrote about a notice on SPEED Channel that their TV provider will be dropping the network on May 1st, but there is nothing about the service change at Bell's website. If this is the case, as TV providers continue to drop the channel, will SPEED go off the air?

So what does the future hold for motorsports TV in Canada? The only NASCAR programming available without SPEED Channel is NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series races. No Race Hub, Raceday, Truck Series, or specialty events such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame induction ceremony and year end awards banquets. No Barrett Jackson Auto Auction, IMSA Sportscar racing, or AMA Supercross. There are many motorsports fans in Canada, yet from the TV standpoint, the sport is moving further away. The loss of SPEED Channel all but shreds any chance of other American motorsports channels, such as MAVTV, making their way into this country. Canadian auto racing fans are not being given due diligence, and unfortunately, there doesn’t look to be any change in sight.
Bryce Turner is chief NASCAR correspondent for carnuts.ca.
Bryce Turner
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Re: Future of Motorsports TV in Canada: Bell Dropping SPEED?

Postby meteorite » Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:10 am

Amen, Bryce. WE get a lot of promises from the federal government, but when it comes to action we're among the most poorly served of the advanced countries, and getting worse.

It does seem Formula 1 is popular enough to be carried by TSN - though of course it may be dumped off to its garbage channel if something seriously important like a golf or tennis tournament runs way overtime or hits a rain delay. Of course the garbage channel is an extra-cost thing and doesn't come in a package with its parent.

It's bundle, bundle, bundle - if you want Fox Sports or ABC Sports or NBC Sports (where Indycar is hanging out at the moment) you have o buy a package of junk you don't watch as well.

I fully endorse your rant re Bell and SPEED and second the emotion.

The only thing us poor exploited consumers can do is give moral and financial backing to groups like OpenMedia.ca that are trying to fight on our side, and keep voting for new governments that will promise a better break.
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