Wish list - take two

Wish list - take two

Postby meteorite » Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:13 am

First, I wish all of the readers of this board (both of you) will soon discover that at long last our problems seem to be solved and we can post again.

What happened? The ISP my ISP deals with did a major server upgrade, and in the process made some sort of weirdo error in dealing with the carnuts.ca website. Everything was apparently fine - until I dug out from the holiday obligations and went to post something. Horrors, it wouldn't. Long story short, it took till today to get things figured out, and there was no way to tell our users what was going on because we couldn't post.

So our most sincere apologies to all of you who were inconvenienced or disappointed by the lack of anything to look at - or space for backtalk. I can only say that I shared your frustration, more because I knew how annoying it would be to you. Again, I apologize.

I hope to be getting new material up each of the net several days, mostly in the Indycar section where the greatest activity is at the present. But I'll maybe have the odd personal comment to make, and hope to offer the odd funny story too. And oh yes, part of the delay was that I got a virus (the W3.i trojan, if you care) on my new Windows 7 laptop, and it took me all my working time that day to slam the door on it, unblock the barriers it erected to keep me out, go in and carve it up and boot out the pieces. It's the third time I've had to do this, but in beating them I'm three for three. Look for the report soon.

It's so nice to be back and I hope to make you all glad too.
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