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What's going on?

Postby meteorite » Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:50 pm

OK, I haven't put up a new post for maybe a couple of weeks. My apologies to all those made unhappy by this.

But - we've had to cope with Christmas. And New Years. And all the complications that come in the package with them. The racing season is over, but for the Dakar Rally and a couple of exhibition events, so there isn't that much to talk about in the sport department. So carnuts has had to be set aside while other more urgent matters got attended to.

Most time-consuming, I decided it was time I bought a new Windows 7 computer before I got stuck with no choice but Windows 8, as XP support expires relatively soon. But by the time I had got the new versions of all my necessary software, and installed them, and partitioned my hard disc, and transferred (copied, actually) over 28 gigabytes of data from my old computer to the new one, an awful long time had passed. Meanwhile Mrs. M. decided my logic applied to her too, so I got drafted to chauffeur her around to find a computer to satisfy her very different needs, and then help her do the configuration on her new one.

Meanwhile my ISP decided to greatly upgrade the server on which carnuts resides, which meant we were offline for a number of days when they ran into trouble. Somehow in sorting things out they damaged the ability of our registration process to exclude spamming robots, so I had to boot out fifty or so every day by hand. We're working on restoring the situation but can't offer any definite promises yet.

All we can do is ask for your tolerance and forbearance, because just as the newspapers find themselves short-staffed and short of news at this season, we're getting the same effect. But don't worry, we'll be back and active when racing resumes , if not well before. And meanwhile if you feel the needto talk back, just posxt your comment and we'll be watching.
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