And round we go again....

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And round we go again....

Postby meteorite » Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:32 pm

So 2015 has rolled around, and as of this writing we are about to start the new season.Already there have been sensational events. Caterham, regrettably, is no more. Rumours of financial trouble surround Lotus and Force India; Sauber is being sued by a driver who feels his contract has been broken (and an Australian court has agreed). Marussia has gone through effectively a bankruptcy and may or may not have a car (or two, with new drivers) able to start Sunday morning. The new Honda engine in the McLaren has shown its prowess so far only in the wimp league, though history tells those laughing now they may have some pretty long faces come June. But is there something weird about that engine? During testing at Barcelona, Fernando Alonso fell off the road and crashed. Why? Many rate him the best driver in F1 today (even if Hamilton supporters have a formidable counter-argument). There are mutterings about the wind. (Alonso, of all people, wouldn't know the wind conditions in Barcelona?) There are stories of his getting the shock of his life - possibly from "the engine" - leakage from the DRS energy storage system, perhaps? In any case, he is allegedly clear of any post-concussion symptoms (though he has had concussions before). Whatever the case, he has not yet (as of the eve of the race) been cleared by the FIA to run in the Australian Grand Prix. This is a nice break for Kevin Magnussen, which not incidentally strongly justifies McLaren's decision to retain Magnussen as their test (and backup) driver after adding Alonso to the team, one which could end up hugely significant as the season wears on.

Meanwhile Carl Haas keeps building towards an entry in 2016. It will bear watching.

And again this year, the schedule is still in flux. No contract has yet been signed for a German Grand Prix, though this has upset Mercedes enough that something constructive is likely to happen soon. On the other hand Russia may back out, if not for financial reasons, then political. Matters little; Mexico is back on the list again. There's always a willing replacement.

Still, it's a season that is starting with an extraordinary number of questions open and more to come. It should be quite fascinating to see how it all plays out.
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