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Postby meteorite » Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:08 pm

i will not be able to monitor the British Grand Prix or the Indy Toronto (both on July 10th) so while I hope to post the official reports from the organizing bodies as usual, any introduction or commentary on my part will be omitted.

Similarly my ability to monitor the broadcasts of the German Grand Prix and Edmonton Indy will be problematic so again I may have to settle for posting only official releases.

As far as I can foresee at the moment these will be the only interruptions in my coverage this season, and with luck I may manage a prediction or introduction for each race.

As if, given the configuration and history of the Toronto road course, anyone could guess who might survive the attrition rate it routinely creates anyway, while as long as it doesn't rain at Silverstone the question will be whether Alonso or Hamilton takes the third podium position.
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