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F1 Background Events

Postby meteorite » Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:22 pm


So where did Nick Worth go and why? That isn't being talked about.

But in the meantime, the Marussia Virgin team has acquired the WRT business, which suggests an owner moving on, and have also engaged the technical services of McLaren, in a package deal said to be similar with the one McLaren already have with Force India.

Meanwhile Williams havve re-upped on their engine deal with Renault for the next two years, until the end of the present formula. No comment from either side on what lies beyond - although one recalls Renault having some success with a turbo V-6 not all of that long ago.

And in what appears to be a long term investment strategy, majority control of the Hispania Racing Team has been bought by an investment company whose only other publicly known holding is a pizza company. There does seem to be hefty does of Spanish nationalism involved,including a plan to move the whole operation from Germany to Spain. But one wonders if they can pull together the Euros it will take to pry Alonso loose from Ferrari - including building the car to entice him.
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